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Keep your searches private™

Search privately without sharing personally identifiable information

Keep your data private by installing SafeSearch as your default search engine

Why you should protect your searches

You should protect you searches for the same reason your phone

conversations are encrypted, because they are yours and they are prviate.

You search, they see

Everything you type online is being recorded. Read More

Protect your digital fingerprint

Your search history is a marketer’s goldmine. Why? Read More

Companies sell your data

Search = intent = inference = a lucrative business. Read More

Your privacy is important

Your fundamental right as a netizen and we agree. Read More

Keep your searches private™

Download SafeSearch by Raaz to protect your online privacy

How does SafeSearch by Raaz work?

Adding the SafeSearch extension to Chrome protects your privacy by detecting searches that could be tracked in a way that can be tied to your personal information and then re-directing you to a private, anonymous results page at

SafeSearch offers privacy-safe results

Our search results are relevant and privacy friendly. Read More

Secure and anonymous browsing

We eliminate the middle man. Read More

Raaz does not retain server logs

Do not track, do not retain, do not sell. Scouts honor. Read More

Maintain your privacy

Protect, disconnect and deter prying eyes. Read More